Saturday, September 8, 2007

12 weeks

I didn't want to post every week, but 12 weeks is a milestone. I'm past the scary part. I must have been unconsciously sucking in on this picture. I'm at the stage with the 2nd child where I don't know where the fat ends and the pregnancy begins. (I know I'm not fat, let me explain myself). I could stick my stomach out to where I look 7 months pregnant, or I could suck it in and not look like anything. But sometimes my stomach just relaxes on it's own to where I look very pregnant, but I feel like that's cheating. Ha. And I really need a new camera. What's up with that pink line on the side? (Current weight 124 lbs)

P.S. And Cassie, if you think I look small now, just wait. Did you not see my first post of my ginormous belly? I get pretty big.
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Sarah said...

Maybe the pink line is an indicator for what gender the baby will be. Or maybe not. But that's my guess.

The Bluths said...

Sarah who?

Snedakers said...

I agree that 12 weeks is a milestone! I can't believe you are that far already :) Seems like you just announced it. Hope it's going quickly for you!

Cassie said...

I guess I will just have to wait and see...I don't think I believe that a tiny girl like you can even get big?!?! :) Congrats! It feels so good to have the scary 12 weeks behind on the ultrasound to see what it is!