Thursday, September 27, 2007

15 weeks

Logan wanted in on my weekly picture. Funny how some days I feel like I am showing a ton and others, not-so-much. Today would be a not-so-much kinda day.
The only thing that has changed is that I felt it move at 14 1/2 weeks! Crazy I know. I felt Logan at 16 weeks. On Sunday I noticed my uterus for the first time, like it popped up or something and then the next day I felt a little something, a very little something. It's usually only when I am lying down when I feel anything and I know that will get stronger as I progress. 3 more weeks till we find out what we're having. My brother is having a boy so we'll see what we get. Logan is still unaware of the whole situation, but he sure does like babies. Loves em!
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kelly said...

Oh, that boy and his funny smile! It's exciting you can feel the baby already. Maybe that means it wil be a "kicker". No you certainly don't look that far along.

Snedakers said...

Yeah - you are still pretty tiny, but the belly will come soon enough. Logan is so cheesy in that picture, I had to laugh when I saw it. How fun that you were able to feel movement - one of the best parts of pregnancy.

Cassie said...

You guys are so cute together! I love that he's got his goofy grin on! However I still don't believe that you are 15 are still TINY!!!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

I love the idea of a pregnancy blog and OH - congrats on being prego the second time around. It's crazy and fun and exhausting all at once. But yay for the Bluths!