Thursday, November 15, 2007

22 weeks

I know I said I wouldn't post every week, but...who cares! I've got nothing better to do. Here are some more comparison shots. 22 weeks with Logan and 22 weeks today. My pelvis is starting to hurt when I sleep now and when I'm sleeping my entire side I'm on goes numb after a while so I have to switch. It's quite annoying. (I don't know why my picture today is so blurry. Oh well.)


Snedakers said...

Good for you for taking pictures every week! It's fun to compare. It looks like you are carrying this baby higher or maybe it's just what you are wearing. Sorry about the sleeping problems. Do you have some sort of nerve getting pinched while you sleep?

The Fantasias said...

Ugh. I feel for you and am glad to report that I have been a tummy-sleeper once again since little Eli was born. I hate having to sleep on my side while preggo.