Thursday, November 29, 2007

24 weeks

Another week gone by. I have this song in my head right now. Don't pay attention to the first part, but in the middle is this beautiful piece. First part is from Little Einsteins :)
Anyway I've hit the 130 mark on my scale. (Keeping in mind I was at 142 lbs at 26 weeks with Logan). So I think I gaining at a much better pace this time. We'll see what the holidays bring me. I've been trying to stand up straight since my last post. My posture is so bad. The jeans I'm wearing in this picture have about had it. They have a snap button instead of a hole and button so whenever I sit down I hear the pop of my pants coming undone. Time to get out the maternity jeans I guess (I call mine maternity just because they are really my fat jeans, they aren't maternity).


Amie said...

Comments like that make me hate skinny people. 8p

You look good--I think you're carrying a tad lower than you were with Logan. Does it feel that way?

Shauna said...

It looks like your belly got lower from last weeks picture. Also your belly looks bigger but everything else looks smaller, hopefully that doesn't mean you will have a bigger baby.

mellancollyeyes said...

See your boobs look much perkier with your shoulders back. And if you're still concerned and want a really awesome bra, go for the Victoria's Secret Push-Up Without Padding. It's awesome! And really, who's gonna know more about boobs and bras than me?