Thursday, March 6, 2008

38 weeks

"You look like a torpedo."
That's what someone said to me today at the store. Sweet. Hopefully he doesn't come out like one.

This will be my last weekly shot. I'll probably take one at the hospital though. Only a couple more days. Crazy.

Do I dare post a bare shot? Eww.
My stomach looks like when you lay on carpet too long and your skin has all the indents from it.

Today I taught my last aerobics class for awhile. I wonder how long it will take me to hop back into it and start teaching again.

Things I'm going to change this time around?
-I want to be more aware of what's going on around me. (I never got to see the placenta or umbilical cord last time and I'm curious about stuff like that so I want to this time.)
-I'm totally going to take a picture of my stomach after they break my water. It looked so freaky when they did it with Logan because it was just like my skin laying over his body. (Yeah I'm weird).
-And I'll try and make Ethan stay in the room this time; just kidding, he's not much help when he's passed out.

Here's me at 38 weeks with Logan.

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The Fantasias said...

That cracks me up that Ethan is a pass-out kinda guy. Dev is so opposite. He LOVES seeing the baby come out and cutting the cord, investigating the placenta. I've seen it all because Devin get so excited and makes sure to show me. Haha. He even took pictures of the actual delivery! I almost had a heart attack when some friends came to the hospital and he started sharing all the pictures on the camera. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaagh! (Luckily, he had edited already.) What a spaz.

Good luck. I am so excited for you and I hope you post the pictures of your tummy after they break the water. That would be cool. I didn't think to look at mine after my water broke.

marsh & tiff snedaker said...

So I'm taking it that Ethan passed out in the room when you had Logan? I'm one of those types that can't handle a lot although I've never passed out. I don't think I could handle watching a c-section either, although Marshll thought it was pretty cool both times. I'd love to be a nurse but just couldn't handle everything. I can't believe you taught aerobics this long, WTG! As for your belly, it looks all to familiar. I'm in the lovely stretch mark club. Yours are pretty light though. Can't wait to see that pic of your belly when your water is broken, lol. Can I just say I am so excited for you...only a couple more days!

Darren and Traci said...

torpedo? what a compliment. I think some people don't think these things out before they say them. When I was pregnant with Allison my mom and I were in a drive-thru getting some food and after the guy took our money she looked at my stomach and said "do you think he knew you were pregnant or do you think he thought you were fat" I was like what!?! She said she meant it as a compliment trying to say that I didn't look pregnant even though I was 8 months along but it sure didn't sound like one to me. I think you look great and very untorpedoish.

Andersen Family said...

I can't believe you've not only done aerobics for so long, but TAUGHT them. Good luck with everything!!

Herbert Family said...

You are probably already on your way to be induced but good luck and I cant wait to see pics.