Monday, July 14, 2008

Here's an idea...

Ok so I got this Aveeno sample in the mail called positively ageless lifting and firming night cream. I love trying new products and even though I don't have much to lift in my face right now, I know I eventually will so why not start before it happens?

This got me thinking...if there are anti-wrinkle creams out there for the face; would they work on my stomach? Two problems I came across:

1. Which one would be the best to buy.
2. They usually come in small bottles and I would need something to last a little longer than that. (for the price of these things I want it to be worth it.)

Think it would work?

Oh yeah, check out the lbs dropping! -->


The Fantasias said...

Congrats on the pound droppage! Someone gave me a wrinkle cream from MaryKay. I have never tried it and don't know how much it is, but you should check it out because my friend SWEARS by it. Oh, and it's a big tube compared to most others.

The Fantasias said...

I think it is made for tummies, by the way.

Darren and Traci said...

Motherhood maternity sells a lifting/firming lotion. I've never used it but the lady at the store told me that the stuff is awesome. I use motherhood maternity stretch mark prevention lotion during my pregnancies and have no stretch marks on my tummy but I think it's cause I gain all my weight in my butt and thighs instead of my tummy but it's still good stuff to make your tummy really soft and smooth all day. I think it's something like $7 for a bottle of the lifting/firming one. Also I know Walmart has started selling pregnancy and post pregnancy type of stuff in their lotion isle now. I'm sure the face stuff has the same stuff in it as the tummy stuff but probably in a higher concentration making it more expensive. You'll have to tell me what you find and if it works. I'm thinking I will blow up huge and get all stretched out this time around with my body only having 9 months until it got pregnant again. yikes!