Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby food

Remember that one time I got all that baby food for real cheap?
Well I started using it and have been saving the empty jars. I bought some ingredients and made my own today and put it in the empty jars.
I made carrot, yams w/peas, just yams, and a mixture of avocado bannana & apple.
Hope he likes them!

Pictured above:
Carrot, peas and yams, yams, avocado mix and yams, avocado mix.
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The Cowand Family said...

I used to make baby food too. I have mixed feelings that I won't be doing that anymore. Enjoy it while you can I guess, everybody says that I know, but I really mean it. They grow up way too fast!

The Wightmans said...

Well It sure looks pretty and I like the idea of yams and peas Jude would always gobble up the yams but hated peas I never tried mixing them. Good luck and let me know if it is a success!

Stephanie Watkins said...

That's a good idea to save the jars. I just freeze home made baby food into ice cube trays and store them in the freezer.
Avocado? Sounds great!