Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hair Routine

Step 1: Put
microfiber towel on toilet for later use.

Step 2: I Shampoo and condition hair, but rinse out conditioner upside down so it makes my hair have more volume on top.

Step 3: Accordian your hair onto the towel and secure it in the back with a hair tie.

Step 4: After wearing it for awhile, take the towel off and start the hair product mania. yes that's how much mousse I use.
Step 5: Scrunch whatever you use into your hair and then I take a clip and pinch up the top of my hair so as it is drying I don't have flat hair.

Step 6: After the clip is in I recently started putting hair spray in my hair while it's wet. I kinda like it. Maybe you should try it too!


The Fantasias said...

Wow. That seems like a lot of work to someone like me with straight as a pin (aka BORING) hair.

I get out of the shower, [sometimes] come hair and let air dry.

I am so jealous of your curls. I've always wanted curly or wavy hair because, like I said, mine is boring.

Amie said...

it's a lotta work and a lotta product, but your hair always looks great. =)

Jenna said...

The hair spray while it's wet is a must

Tori said...

Just found your blog! Love it! I have curly hair stuff on mine too! I'm a curly girl too! Nice to meet you :)