Friday, June 26, 2009

New, slimmer car seat

Here is the car seat I mentioned on my other blog.

Taking it for a spin before we put it in the car.

Logan taking a turn too...

And the lovely more space we now have because of it!

I should have taken a before picture. There was NO room here before.

Next stop is finding the infant baby trend flex loc seat for cheap.
That car seat is 16.5 inches wide. We measured we have between 16 and 19 inches here. (19 on the seat and 16 from the arm rests).

In comparison, our last infant seat was 18 inches wide and the toddler seat was 19 inches vs. this one (Combi Coccoro) which is 14.65 inches!
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Jenna said...

Looks awesome!

Amie said...

ooh it's cute! Is it orange or red?

Val said...

Nice! Oh, the joys of fitting 3 carseats in the back seat! Good luck!