Sunday, August 16, 2009

29 weeks #3

I don't think I grew too much this week.
I feel like I am always wearing this shirt, but I only have so many maternity shirts and I happened to wear this one to church today.

My sciatic nerve has really bothered me this week, but there's nothing I can really do except complain about that's what I'll do.

Friday is my glucose test.

Things I have sworn to do/not do this time around at the hospital:

1. Get out of there as quick as possible
2. Make sure they put the IV in my hand and not my arm.
3. Not wear the oxygen mask unless absolutely necessary.
4. Eat food whether they like it or not.

The end
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Shannon said...

Wow time is flying by...I think its time for a name post! I wanna hear about your name ideas!!!

You look great!!! I agree with O2 and the food thing! Bring on the treats!

Rachael said...

ugh...glucose test. I have to do that in a month...I think I am going to say I am leaving to go home for a month.. That should put it off for a while!