Saturday, August 29, 2009

31 weeks #3

A shot out to my friend Terri L. for letting me borrow some maternity shirts including this one :)

What I've learned this week...

When you have an easy pregnancy, you get no sympathy.

Example: My husband sits by watching me stand on a wobbly stool to get something off the fridge.
Example 2: Lifting the mattress isn't the easiest thing for me to do anymore to change the sheets. Husband complains that I can do it and it's not that hard.

I guess if you go rock climbing when you are 7 months pregnant you should be able to do anything.

But at least he walks the dog since walking for me is not fun at all right now, and he gives me massages whenever I ask.
He knows what I'm capable of and won't let me get away with it :)

Here are some ewwy ewwy pictures.
For some reason I'm not as comfortable showing these this time, maybe because people make a big deal about it which makes me feel uncomfortable. Who knows, I'll show them anyway.

Here is 31 weeks with baby girl

And here is 31 weeks with Gavin

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Rachael said...

lol I agree with Ethan.....hehe You look a lot more round without a shirt covering it....

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with Ethan, he should stand on a stool for you and turn the mattress for you even when you're not pregnant, you can tell him I said so!! I think you look just the same with Gavin and this time.(Kelly)

Darren and Traci said...

cute shirt. I think your tummy sticks out less this time, it looks like you are carrying closer to your body, if that makes sense.

The same thing happens to me when I'm pregnant since I don't get very big people assume I can still do everything which bugs me, I'm like hello I am carrying/growing a baby here people step in a help out anytime.

And I don't think your tummy looks "ewwy" at all. I am the weirdo who thinks pregnant tummies are awesome though. Why/how do people make a big deal about showing some pregnant skin? I think you're looking awesome and hooray for easy pregnancies.

tiff snedaker said...

I'm so glad you are having such an easy pregnancy! You are starting to get really close!
I think anyone who makes a big deal about a pregnant belly, or seeing your tummy has obviously never had a baby :)
Great pics!

Shannon said...

Cute belly! I love pregnant bellies! We should shoot some pics before you pop!!! said...

Such a cute belly! =) Just wanted to stop and say thanks for the follow!

funathome22 said...

I say we paint that belly :-) It really would be fun!