Sunday, October 4, 2009

36 weeks #3 (& #2)

Here I am today. 36 weeks.

Here I was with Gavin at 36 weeks.

I guess I was a bit bigger with Gavin, even though I feel huge now and I weigh more. (Must be in the butt.)

After watching conference today we went for a walk as a family. It has cooled down so it's really nice out right now.
I don't understand how walking makes me start cramping and hurting, yet aerobics I'm ok with.

I hate walking. I ended up walking to Ethan's boss house and staying there for a bit and they drove me home with the stroller in the back.

Is my hair going red again?
Pregnancy makes my hair red.
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The Wightmans said...

I never did aerobics while I was pregnant, but walking always made me cramp up and bleed, which ultimately put me on bed rest off and on, I always thought it was funny that something so simple and easy like walking could do that when other things I would do had no effect. You look great! It's always amazing how big your belly gets, you are too tiny for such a big belly, it always looks like you are having twins or something.

Anonymous said...

I think you look the same with little Jane, according to the weight chart you are abt 4 pounds heavier and that is nothing. It is NOT in your butt! It's getting exciting as your time gets shorter. Wasn't Elder Holland's talk at conference amazing?! I just loved it! Looking forward to hearing from you when she arrives.