Monday, November 2, 2009

1 week postpartum...

(I thought I already posted this, but I guess I just saved it, so it's a little late.)

I don't remember having a pooch this long before, but maybe I just forgot.

Birth story? Everything went well. I felt no pain, have hardly needed to take any pain meds after either. BUT I did have a first. I never understood when people said they cramped while nursing... now I know. Ouch!

As for things I said I would change this time, here is what I said prior to going to the hospital:

1. Get out of there as quick as possible:
Didn't happen
, had to wait all day for Jane to poop. Of course.

2. Make sure they put the IV in my hand and not my arm:
Didn't happen, I did ask and she said she would rather it be in the arm. I said "if you can do it in one shot I'll praise you." ...I praised her.

3. Not wear the oxygen mask unless absolutely necessary.
Not even an issue, no oxygen mask hurray!

4. Eat food whether they like it or not.
They didn't SAY I couldn't eat. I snacked on peanut M&Ms. But when they brought my food in the morning she said, "well you can't have it, but does anyone else want her breakfast?" How mean :)
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Allison said...

That is so interesting about the IV. When I had mine they refused to put it in my arm, they had to do the hand. Those suckers sure do hurt. Jane is gorgeous by the way, I think all of your kids are really cute. Congratulations!