Friday, January 15, 2010

Shed 5 fast week 1

Here is after day 1 of Shed 5 Fast

Here is after 1 week of it.

Not too much difference, but I am feeling stronger and I am at 129 for my weight. Exactly 10 pounds to go.

I was thinking how I could never win her "be in Lindsay Brin's video" thing because can you imagine? They would never let someone with a stomach like mine be in a workout video. No one wants to see that.
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Amie said...


You're such a hard worker!

I'm back on the wagon again and doing pretty well myself (after being off for about 3 months, ugh!); am looking into p90x. You ever considered it? I'm kinda a'sceered.

Tiffany said...

amie, i've done p90x and loved it. i started out with lindsay brin's workout videos, which i really recommend to people to bump up their overall fitness. when you aren't used to doing pushups and intense workouts, it's a great start. p90x is a very intense weight lifting workout. it does more weights than i've ever done in my life and really focusses on building muscle. i had fantastic results with it, but i really felt like lindsay brin's videos prepared me and got me to the fitness level i needed to be at to do p90x.