Monday, April 5, 2010

More inches and weight GONE!

Well I've got good news.

I've lost another inch in my waist; I'm at 28".
I lost another inch in my hips; I'm at 36".

My hips were 37" when I got married.
Ethan thinks it's funny that after 3 kids my hips are smaller than when we were married. I also never worked out like this before marriage so that could explain it.

BUT WAIT, there's more!
I'm down more weight to bring me to 123 lbs.
Goal weight is 119.
Let's go! let's go!

I'll get a picture of my back here soon because I feel really strong in my arms and shoulders.
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Shannon said...

Way to go girl!! You are so good to keep at it! I've been cycling and with our move lost almost to my goal weight of 103, I've got 3# to go! I think the nice weather helps with working out too!! Isn't that weird we are smaller then before when were married? I was always 110-115 when we got married then after Hannah I went to 103, after Gavin I stuck at 110 till lately its finally shed! I can't wait to get back to that, almost there!! Keep up the good work you motivate me!!! :)

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Teresa said...

I saw your blog a few days after I started mine. Very impressive. I have alot more weight to lose than you, but I thought blogging about it would help me through. Give me a glance, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.