Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I just posted a week ago, but I am already posting again? I know, crazy, BUT I just did an amazing workout on Monday that I had to share.

Awful picture, I just got done working out, I'm all sweaty and my mirror is dirty :)

I just discovered this new website/workout and I think I am really going to like it.
This woman is amazing and is honestly a really nice person too.

I did this workout challenge on Monday and got 75 when the goal was 100, oh well, I'm dying anyway and my arms are so tired!

Then after that I did this and got 200 in 10 minutes when the goal was 300

It is Wednesday now and I am still incredibly sore. This workout kicked my butt in a really good way.

Check her out! Her name is Zuzana and I will never have a body like hers, but I can hope.

If her picture isn't inspiration enough, I don't know what is!

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Tiffany said...

i've seen her stuff. so good to switch up the workouts. isn't it a pain sometimes though? the better shape you are in, the harder you have to work to get it off, i swear! especially the last bit of toning. you really have to vamp up the workouts and change the routine. annoying sometimes in my opinion! :)