Tuesday, April 3, 2012

28 weeks times 4

In these pictures I am 28 weeks.
I am starting to feel like how I looked when I was pregnant with Logan. That's the pregnancy that I gained over 50 lbs.

My middle 2 pregnancies were great. I had nice skin, I looked young...

Why can't stop complaining? I know I have it good.
So last night I told Ethan that I needed to eat healthier.
Yesterday for lunch I had a Jack N the Box sandwich with a chocolate milkshake. Then for dinner we went to a pizza place and I had a pop with pizza.
My goal the rest of this pregnancy is to not buy pop for the home anymore. If I have it, I'll drink it.

So that means more water for me and healthier snacks.
What do you eat for healthy snacks? I need some ideas.
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Jess said...

*giggle* There's that torpedo belly I love so much. Seriously you are so incredibly cute when you are pregnant. I am so dang jealoud of that. And you still look young & fresh, baby #4 or baby #1.

Amie said...

You look great. Eat what makes you happy. :)