Tuesday, May 15, 2012

34 weeks

(The current picture is the one where I'm in pink.)
I was telling Ethan how I think this is my hardest pregnancy. It compares to my first one, but then I didn't have other kids to take care of.

I just get so winded doing nothing.
When I put Jane down for a nap or bedtime she usually likes me to sing her a song, so I do, but I have to stop midway and catch my breath because the walk down to her room wore me out.

Here are all my 34 week shots:

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Jenna said...

i can't believe you're that far along already! Good thing I'll be seeing you soon.

Torrie said...

I haven't even seen you prego this time around. I hope that all goes well these next few weeks!

jnanglin said...

I love your pregnant bellies! :)