Monday, June 11, 2012

38 weeks #1,2,3,4

Good news!
I have my induction scheduled for June 20th. 9 more days!
At doctor appt today I weighed 160 lbs. Yikes.
I'm at 2 cm.

I have pictures for all 4 pregnancies at 38 weeks.
Here I am with Logan. Can't believe I wore that...

With Gavin

With Jane

And today with Sara #4

And I just thought this was funny. My boys wanted their backs scratched by me, but then it ended with them scratching each other's backs.
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Toni said...

You are totally all baby, Ashley! Can't wait to see cute #4!! Good luck with the delivery.

Cheryl said...

yep. you wouldn't even know you were pregnant from a back view. good luck in 9 days!

Anonymous said...

These will be a long 9 days, but hopefully you can stay busy and not too uncomfortable. The boys scratching each other's backs is so cute. They're good brothers.

The Herberts said...

Luv the name. But you should add an H on the end of it:-) Good luck on your delivery!