Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Here are all my kids in their berry hats made by their Aunt Nicky.

Blueberry, green grape, chocolate covered strawberry, and purple grape.

Birth story:

On June 20th, 2012 Ethan, my mom, and I drove to McDonalds to get some breakfast before heading to the hospital. It was 5 am, but they didn't get me started with the induction until about 7am.
The nurse checked me when I got there and I was still at a 2. Rats.

The IV.
They really wanted to put it in my arm, I really didn't want them to. So she tried it in my right hand and told me it popped and had me look at it (eww). So they caled someone else to come it that was better at the hands and she got it in my left hand no problem. (Although now my other hand hurt.)

I had a fantastic nurse name Katrina. I was nervous about how I was going to be treated at this hospital because I hadn't heard many good things, but it was great!

Breaking Water.
My doctor came in to check me and just decided to break my water (which was actually before I got the other IV in). Ethan was luckily out of the room when he did this. Then they started me on a slow drip of pitocin. I didn't feel much of anything besides braxton hicks.

The anesthesiologist came in early on to give me the epidural. He was super nice and joked around with me which I appreciated. He told me when he put his arms on my shoulders I was to give way when he pushed on them. He should have taken the needle out of his hand when he did that because it was right in my face! Now I know how big those things are!

The nurse had me lay on my side and she put this peanut-shaped ball between my legs because she said that would help the baby come down. She checked me around 11:30 and I was at a 4. Slow going.

10 cm.
Around 1pm she checked me again and I was at a 10! I wasn't feeling any pressure or anything. I was quite surprised. So the doctor came in and I began to push. 2 contractions later and she was here!

I had the guts this time to ask for a mirror. It was neat being able to actually see what was going on, but also gross. :)

No tearing, which means much easier recovery!
My mom cut the cord.
Ethan was nervously sweating behind me.
Sara was covered in tons of white stuff.
I felt ZERO pain the whole time I was there (except for the IV, but it wasn't too bad).

My night nurse was COO COO! I don't think she was quite right in the head.

When I got home, I had some serious cramping that hurt way more than anything else I had experienced. I would just have to sit still till they went away like a contraction.

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