Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Venus Freeze: 2nd treatment

I still see no change. Lame.
I asked why it is called venus freeze when it is hot and she said it's because it 'freezes' the aging process.

Will nothing work on me?! I only have one more treatment left and I'm not too optimistic about it.
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Anonymous said...

sorry for you disappointment.
was wondering if you have looked into having a tummy tuck?

Anonymous said...

super curious about your venus freeze venture. i had my second (and hopefully final) baby in march 2012 and this past october i went as far as getting 2 consults for venus freeze. the first place said they would do 8-10 treatments for about $2200 and they can start whenever i want. the other place i went to said same 8-10 for $2000 but i loved that he said to wait one year before treatments because my skin/tummy is doing it's own healing process. so i was kinda surprised you're doing the venus freeze so soon but perhaps that was part of the groupon. anyway i hope you keep posting your results as you have pretty much the same body shape as me (5'7'', 130lbs) and our tummies look very similar. i'm weighing my options between this and tummy tuck. and i hate that all the internet pics for venus freeze are so few and poor quality and that all the different clinics use the same web pictures as if they dont have their own results? anyways, i hope the best for you!