Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Standing for something

Do I stand up for what I believe in? I asked myself this week. I've always heard the stories about Joseph Smith and others a like that would not denounce what they believed in and ending up dieing for it. I always thought if someone told me to say I didn't believe in something when in fact I did, just to save my life, I wouldn't do it. I would stand up for what I believe in.

But what about other things. Like this:

We were asked if we would like to put a sign in our front yard and I said "sure". But then I started getting nervous..."what if our neighbors don't agree and see it, what if someone vandalizes us because of it?" But you know what, I'm not going to be ashamed, because this is a moral issue, not a political one. Politics, I'll keep to myself for the most part, but not my religion.

YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED...Elder Ballard remarks, many members of the Church are doing what they can to use the Internet as a tool to communicate with friends and strangers alike by creating blogs and posting materials on video sharing sites. The internet knows NO STATE LINE. You know contacts in California that I do do your friends and their friends...and so on. Please make a post about Voting Yes on Proposition 8. Add this tag to the bottom. If not for your own children and the effect it could have on them some day...for mine! After you have posted this to your contacts and TAG all your blogging buddies to do the same. THANK YOU!


The Wightmans said...

Great post! This was an issue that I have thought a lot about also. I originally thought it was wrong for the church to get so involved and truly I never had much of an opinion on the issue my thoughts have always been that personally I feel the only "real" marriages are those that happen in the temple and so really as long as the church never allows gays to be temple wed, (which I highly doubt will ever happen) then what did it truly matter? However in thinking about the sign of the times and the world is obviously becoming more evil every growing day I thought the lord may be wanting to figure out who stands with him and who against him, and if that is the case I want it to be clear that I stand with him and if this is how the church has asked for you to show that I am on board! Too bad my California family thinks that Gay marriage should be allowed especially my "gay" uncle. But I will surely pass the word!

T1shep said...

The previous comment is hard to not take personally as someone who isn't a member of the LDS faith.

Ashley, I asked your brother, but he didn't know.

Is that something the church teaches? That the only "real" marriages in the world can happen in an LDS temple (meaning my marriage/family isn't "real")? Or, just an unfortunate opinion of your friend?