Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've become a reader!

School took the fun out of reading for me.

I hadn't picked up a book for recreation since before I went to college (Lord of the Rings thanks to my brother Josh).

Then my friend Jenna recommended the Twilight series. After much talk I finally gave in and sped read through all 3 books. This was last year. (I read The Host too and LOVED it).

Jenna would keep recommending more books to me and I would keep declining.

My mom visited and left 3 books at my house and told me I could give them to my friends. I gave them to Jenna.

She read them and told me to read them. I did not.

Then she gave the books to our friend Torrie. She read them and told me to read them. I did not.

Finally after she said one had romance in it, I picked it up and read it. Really liked it.

That was August. These are all the books I have read since August (in order):

-The Friday Night Knitting Club
-Breaking Dawn
-These Is My Words
-Sunday's At Tiffany's
-Sarah's Quilt
-Princess Academy
-Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo
-The Star Garden
-Book of a Thousand Days

I guess I would call myself a reader now. Weird. I'm turning into my parents :)
These books are currently on my nightstand ready to be read.
-The Book Thief
-Three Weeks With My Brother
-The Guardian
-The Wedding


Dena said...

I have read two of the four you are going to read. They are very good. You need to add The Notebook by Nickolas Sparks too.

Stephanie Watkins said...

I was the same way -- I didn't read anything for a year after college. Now I love it! I live for book clubs. I'm glad you're on goodreads so I can see what you're reading.

Are you excited about the Twilight movie coming out this month?

The Cowand Family said...

I am so glad we are getting to know each other better through literature! There is nothing like a good book.

The Fantasias said...

I am a total bookworm but also went through a dry spell until recently. I still can't get myself to read the Twilight series yet (I'm not too into vampires) but I think I'll give in eventually. I just read the Chronicles of Narnia series all the way through and LOVED it! It was amazing and I am having a hard time finding anything decent to follow. C.S. Lewis wrote so eloquently that everything else seems like slang now. LOL

Val said...

I'm with your Mom - the Nicholas Sparks books are a good read...

mellancollyeyes said...

Check out a book called "Midwives" by Chris Bohjalian. It's super good. It was even an Oprah book club selection!

But I read it before she suggested it. Take that, Oprah!

Amie said...

You are totally a reader, I've noticed that! Ever since I started school, I barely have time. 'Cept today when I just can't force myself to open up my Biology book. Anyway, congrats to you! I hope you like "The Wedding" !