Saturday, March 28, 2009

9 weeks

So before I even found out I was pregnant I noticed my belly button starting to poke out.

What's up with having an outtie at 9 weeks?

Not cool.

I feel like my stomach just gave up with trying to stay tucked in and it just hangs out. (Yes that's probably only me that feels that way). If I just let it relax I would look 5 months pregnant already.

I am writing this post on March 28th, but I have no clue when I am going to post it since not everyone knows yet. Hee hee, this will be fun.

Where did my boobs go?
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The Fantasias said...

I absolutely LOVE everything you wrote in this post because it is all how I feel. Haha. (Oh, except I always think it's SO adorable to see little popped-out bellybuttons and mine never does that!)

I started showing IMMEDIATELY too and I am bigger this time than I was with Eli (I think I am about the same as I was with Dean). And my boobs shrunk too. What we deal with to make children, I tell ya what.

Well, I'm SO excited for you and will be keeping my fingers crossed that it's a girl. :o)

Tiffany said...

i'm telling you... keep your tummy tight the entire pregnancy! i did it with macey (learned it in lindsay's pre-natal series- which is awesome by the way) and i had zero back pain my entire pregnancy! it was wonderful! (and it makes you look smaller as you know)! wonderful trick! ps. i did bootcamp my entire pregnancy... i had been doing it as you know and kept doing it (at least the cardio segments- i did her pre-natal series on the other days where she does use weights). toward the last few weeks, i had to stop jumping and slow down cause i wasn't able to do as much. but it was worth it and kept me in great shape! i bounced back so fast cardio wise (my last 5 lbs are still hanging on though). good luck! i hope you have a little girl baking in there!

Torrie said...

Isn't it awesome when you quit nursing your second child and you realize that you have lost 2 cup sizes in the process?