Sunday, April 26, 2009

13 weeks

I would have posted yesterday, but I was quite busy.
Got up at 5:30am (after not sleeping very well because I knew I had to get up early). Got the boys and Zoe out the door by 6:00.
Drove 1 hour to get Zoe spayed. Drove 1 hour home.
Went to Primary activity.
Drove 1 hour to pick up Zoe. Drove 1 hour home. Ate lunch.
Watched Marley and Me with Logan. I fell asleep.

Meanwhile Ethan was in Tucson taking a test so I was without his help all day.
Driving is tiring!

How am I feeling? I don't even feel pregnant. (Other than the swelling belly, but I really don't notice it until I look down.)

What are the differences between this and the other pregnancies? None really, except 1 thing...With both of the boys I would get really hairy; on my belly, face, back. Yuck. Not with this one. Girl possibly? We'll just have to wait and see...
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Rachael said...

Your hair does look different in that picture........or maybe I was trying too hard! haha

Darren and Traci said...

yuck, 5:30? I hate early mornings. Sounds like quite the day of hauling the kids and dog around.

I've heard the same thing from friends about the hair with boys so who knows, maybe it is a girl growing in that belly of yours.

mellancollyeyes said...