Saturday, May 9, 2009

15 weeks

I forgot to post last week, oh well. Not much is going on anyway. I think I felt Gavin move at 14 1/2 weeks. So far with this one I haven't even come close to that. I feel nothing. It's starting to get a tiny bit uncomfortable to lie on my stomach to do "swimming" for my workout, but that's about it.

I hate that my bulge is so high. It's very misleading since my uterus is still below my pant line. Must be all my intestines moving out of the way (which I can feel through my belly button, is that weird or what?).

On the left is me with Gavin, Right is me today with mystery child :)


tiff snedaker said...

You are carrying higher! You know what the Old Wives Tale is about that?....girl :)

Rachael said...

you look to exact with gavin. Our neighbors that share our house and are LDS just got their internet so we are using their's for the time being yeah!!!
I keep on having dreams about you too, but I can't remember any at the moment. I miss Arizona, the states and american food real bad. Although not the heat!

Torrie said...

Did you mean to wear the same outfit? Or was that just lucky?

Brooke said...

Your bump is definetly different...maybe that means it's a girl? :o)