Saturday, May 16, 2009

16 weeks

I have been starting to wonder when I am going to feel this baby (with Logan: 16 weeks, with Gavin: 14 1/2 weeks). I mentioned this to Ethan last night and I put my hand on my stomach.

Me: "Hey, maybe this is it."

Ethan puts his hand there.

He feels it too.

So it's strange that I can't feel anything on the inside, just when I put my hand on the outside. Odd.
With Logan my stomach went numb; maybe my uterus is numb this time :) Ha.

I also started feeling some pressure lately, kind of like braxton hicks, but that seems too early to be having those.

10 more days till we find out! I'm getting hairy, ugh, does that mean a boy now? Who knows!


Val said...

You look great, as always... by my third pregnancy my belly looked like that at like 8 weeks. If you think you are feeling braxtion hicks, I wouldn't be surprised...I felt them earlier and earlier with each pregnancy... With Clara they started in the first trimester...that makes for a long pregnancy!!!

Ash said...

So you are finding out huh? Come on let it be a surprise! It is super fun that way!

Rachael said...

Hunny, I started having braxton hicks with macey at 5 months, Cardon at not even three months. That should be normal especially with your third....

Darren and Traci said...

I second everyone else that braxton hicks seem to come a lot earlier with each kid. Another thing that I remember from the 3rd pregnancy was that I had a lot of pressure down lower almost like she was going to just fall out of me. I think its just from the muscles being more relaxed but that creeped me out. I can't remember when I started getting that feeling but I had it almost the entire pregnancy.

Wow that's nuts that you get to find out in just a little over a week what this baby is. Are you already coming up with name ideas?