Sunday, May 24, 2009

17 weeks

This is going to be a double post week.

I had a dream the other night that I was at my baby shower and on a slip of paper it said what I was having.

The slip said a girl.

I was so esstatic!

Does that mean I secretly have been putting my hopes up?


I think I just want a girl so my mom can make cute smocked dresses :)

Car seat dillema?
Well we're not getting a new car so we need to make 3 work.
So far I have picked this one for Gavin.

And this one for the baby. Or this one.

I like them because they are narrow.

The problem:

I can't find the infant car seats to buy ANYWHERE! Usually I can find them on Amazon or ebay, but no! The only place I was able to find one was the Craigslist in Philadelphia.


You have until Tuesday to cast your vote on what the baby will be!
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Jeff and aimie said...

we have that infant car seat. We got it at babies r us. We liked it a lot!! So you can check it out there!!

Rachael said...

you grew! Daniel is leaving today for 2 weeks to Germany......You'd better not complain once about Ethan missy.......