Sunday, June 14, 2009

20 weeks #3

I'm halfway there!

I'm a little nervous this time around. I couldn't wait for the baby to come before, but now I feel like I could.

Maybe because we'll be out numbered?

Weight gain? ugh. I'm way ahead of how I was with Gavin, but I'm going to blame that on being very sick around this time with Gavin so I didn't gain any weight.

I definitely won't blame it on the ice cream, cookies, or ho ho's.
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The Fantasias said...

Ha. A girl will do that to you. I gained 43 pounds with Ava and I've only lost about 20 of that so far. YUCK!!

You look great.

the McLaughlin's said...

Girls are made of sugar and spice you know. You have to supply the sugar. I craved candy so bad with Kate that I would get so grouchy if we happend to run out in the house.

Shannon said...

Yep thats a girl for ya!!