Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This name thing is hard

So we still haven't decided on a name yet. I suggested to Ethan that we do a poll of our top names, but he said no because 'he doesn't care what anyone else thinks'.

We like unique, but not crazy unique. we don't like names that are super common either. (Like Emma, I think it's #1 right now).

Boy it's tough!

Where can we find a good name?

Oh and I was 19 weeks on Saturday.
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Rachael said...

when they brought us the papers to finalize Macey's name I really didn't know if I wanted to name her that! I couldn't think of another name I liked and didn't want her not to have a name going home, so we named her Macey. I think we were scared of naming something for the rest of their life!.......I would definitely not pick anything on the top list of names right now either!

Jenna said...

Names are so hard but I know you guys will come up with something awesome, you always do!

Shannon said...

I love doing polls for names when I was preggo just for fun...but it really doesn't matter what others think...thats why i only posted names I really liked!!

Since your boys names are pretty common I wouldn't make it too crazy or different!! I love when two names are combined esp for little girls! Think retro yet pretty!! You guys will come up with something I'm sure!! Just promise you won't name her Ikea?! hehe j/k!

Shannon said...

Oh go to social security.org or net....and there's a search link for baby names...you can put in whatever year...like 1920...and see a list of 1000+names...etc It's kinda interesting....some you prob. have seen some maybe not :) Happy searching!!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of the name Madeline and calling her Maddie. It's kind of cute. We used to watch the credits of movies and look for cool names. I love all of our kids names. (Blu Gramma)

tiff snedaker said...

You are almost half done! Maybe make a list, but then rank them yourselves. That's what we did with Chandler. It came down to Cohen or Chandler.
Yeah, not such a big fan of top 10 names...but everyone to their own.

Noah's Mommy said...

emma is so cute....I would love to have you come by to enter my Eco Store Baby Wash Giveaway