Saturday, February 27, 2010

Down 5 lbs in 7 weeks

Yeah I hit 125, so that means I've got 6 more pounds to go.

I feel good! Body is strong.

I found this post on another blog and thought I would share:

Gwendolyn Brooks said that "Each body has its art." Your body is as exquisite, rare, and beautiful as any masterpiece. Do you believe it? Most women have a hard time feeling joy about our bodies. Instead of treating our bodies like a close, life-long friend we compare it, criticize it and cut it down. How can we start giving our bodies the love it needs?

1. Make a list of all the things you love about your body. Detail each part- how your eyes, ears, limbs, skin- allow you to enjoy these things.
2. Lovingly take care of your body. When you lotion, do it with kindness. Pretend you are in a commercial! Smile as you lather, buff and shave.
3. Verbally thank your body after workouts.
4. Avoid ALL negative thoughts and talk. Immediately replace any such conversation with positive words. It does not work to beat yourself forward. FLYlady (FLY=Finally Loving Yourself) always calls her workouts "15 minutes of loving movement." Approach exercise as a reward and not a punishment.
5. Think of the service that has made the lives of hundreds of people better because of and through your body.
6. Accept the compliments of others. Just say "thanks!" after a nice remark and believe it.
7. Learn about the human body. Your respect for your body will skyrocket as you learn the miracle of your blood, cells, and tissues.
8. Take your body out on a date! What makes your body happy? Maybe it would like yoga class, a meal of greens, a run, Zumba, a stroll on a new path, or push ups and a big drink of water.
9. Be loyal to your body. Don't compare it to other bodies or wish you were with another body!
10. Write down what makes your body unique and perfectly suited to your personality and needs. It will become clear to you that your flesh and bones is like a soul mate- no other would be just right.

Some things sound silly (like #3), but for the most part I think it's a good idea.

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S. Fantasia said...

Sheesh. How tall are you? I weight between 115 and 118 (most women fluctuate, right?) and 125 looks WAY better on you than me. You always look SOOO thin, you lucky duck. I'm only 5'3" so I'm hoping you'll tell me you are 5'10". Ha! :o)

Well, you look great and you deserve it. You are a hard worker.