Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 6 Shed 5 fast

I feel strong!
Although my stomach doesn't have much to show from it.

Nevertheless, I have finished the 6 week Shed 5 Fast and I have shed 4 pounds.

Starting weight: 130
Ending weight: 126
Goal weight: 119
Pounds to go: 7

Starting hips: 39"
Ending hips: 37"
(same as when I got married, always had wide hips).
Starting waist: 31"
Ending waist: 29"

*Note: These measurements are all at my biggest points.
I need to take some pictures later that somehow show off the muscle I have gained so that I can enter the contest with some good pics. (Because these are NOT good pics).

Here's a odd question, what's the best way to pose so that I can show my best self?
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Sam said...

I really liked this workout. If only I had eaten better the last 6 weeks :( Oh well!

Shannon said...

Girl there's nothing WIDE about you. You always look great! Good for you for sticking to it and staying fit.

I'd say if you are trying to capture a pic of yourself it might be best in sections like arms, legs...etc. depending what you are wanting to see the changes in...a full view is harder to tell well, when clothed! haha so that's just a thought.