Saturday, November 6, 2010

Same old

I took new pictures, but you've seen them before. My wrinkly stomach and such. It looks the same. So instead I decided to dedicate this post to my progress. And the only way I can really measure that right now is with my fitness test. (Plus I lost 1 more pound for my final 12 month post baby weigh-in! See side bar.)

The insanity workout has you do a fit test at the beginning and then every 2 weeks. Here are my stats at the beginning (Aug 18th 2010) and now (Oct 27th 2010). These exercises are all 1 minute each. Can you beat my scores?

Switch Kicks: 79 to 87. 8 kick increase
Power Jacks: 55 to 78. 23 jack increase
Power knees (per leg): 79/78 to 107/105. 28/27 increase
Power Jumps: 68 to 97. 29 jump increase
Globe Jumps: 40 to 55. 15 jump increase
Burpies: 22 to 27. 5 increase
Push up jacks: 30 to 55. 25 jack increase
Low plank obliques: 56 to 73. 17 increase

Don't know what these exercises are? I added links to each one that I found on you tube. Some are funny.


Rachael said...

That is awesome! Now, about the globe jumps. Is your total count for just one jump each or 55 sets of 4 jumps each?

Shwin W said...

So I did these last night as my workout (which totally beats stair stepping) It is insane. I thought I was going to die. I did not beat your scores. (or come close for that matter) I do enjoy a challenge though so I will do this often to see if I can improve.

Brad said...

Good job.

Darren and Traci said...

so have you been keeping up with Insanity or what? Update please so I can live through your workouts while I sit here and get fat growing this babe :)