Monday, September 27, 2010


For the past month I have been teaching the Insanity workout. Haven't heard of it? Go here.
It's hard core and I really wanted my stomach to look better. Here is my before shot

And here is after a month of Insanity:

Yes there is a slight change, but my stomach is still saggy in the front. Miracle cream where are you?

And just for fun, I took a video of my stomach the other night. Remember me telling you I have Diastasis Recti? Well this video shows my intestines moving around under my skin. Also something else that is weird I wanted to point out, my stomach buldges up when I lay down, instead of going flat like it should (and it used to before kids). Odd odd odd.
Enjoy the awesomeness of the human body!


Jess said...

That is fascinating, disturbing & even mildly gross. The whole family watched that video. So many different reactions! LOL I miss you Ashley! You have such an awesome sense of humor.

Darren and Traci said...

That's awesome, you can totally see a difference in the tightness of your stomach. Even the muscles on your sides you can tell have gotten stronger.

That video is nuts! It looks like there's a baby in there or something. I can't believe that it moves like that just sitting there. What does your Dr say about it? I had a friend whose stomach was really separated and she had surgery almost a year ago to repair it. Hers was 7 inches apart though.

Brad said...

There is a lot of visible changes going on in that photo. Month 2 will probably have more.

tiff snedaker said...

wow. Mine is split, but I have never seen my intestines move like that. It does look like a baby. Crazy. How split are yours?....

Shannon said...

WOwzer! Does it feel weird??? That looks so weird!

Vanessa von Hessert said...

I had a baby on September 26th of this year and I also have diastasis recti. I came across your blog while doing a "before and after diastasis recti" image search via Google.

Make sure that your abdominal exercises do NOT include any crunches or sit-ups as these exercises will widen your diastasis, not shrink it. If you haven't seen this already, take a look at the exercise recommendations from Julie Tupler, an RN who specializes in the healing of diastasis recti.

Google "The Tupler Technique"

Good luck!
:) Vanessa

Austin said...

That's Awesome!!! Have you ever seen the movie alien?!?!

Twinpossible said...
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Twinpossible said...

WOW, that videos is crazy! I think you should avoid those heavy duty workouts until after the gap heals, because straining the diastasis with improper and/or super intense ab exercises, or simply ones that use twisting bending backwards, etc. can further damage, NOT help your abdominals. I learned the hard way for myself.

It looks like an alien because the usual muscle that would cover your iternal organs is spread apart, so none of your bodilly 'functions' if you wll that are normally hidden are hidden any longer. You see it all so to speak. It looks rather large to, but all hope is not lost.

When I was pregnant and my abs split, I could clearly see baby parts and feel the most movement in that area of the gap. It freaked me out honestly. I didn't get to see anything postpartum except the mummy tummy and bulge when I sat up or bent back, though tried avoiding these motions until I used my binder for 3 months and followed transverse abdominal exercises ONLY for my abs to recover from the diastasis recti and bring the muscles back to where they once were. Well worth it. It voided me surgery and a lot of pain. 3 years after twins I have no trace of their birth. (Though it was long ago i could say that.)

I have seen the insanity workout on TV and I would suggest NOT doing such an intense workout until your strengthen the transverse abdominals more and close up that gap quite a bit. 1 finger width is possible (and it is.)You can visit my YT channel for help on those exercises, or follow the Tupler method.

Splinting with something like the Squeem as I used (though anything is better than nothing) is not too late and will work wonders for you. GL and thanks for sharing. The vid is crayz:) You have gorgeous children. That makes it all worthwhile. Congrats and God bless.

xoxo Shelly