Monday, October 8, 2012

3 months postpartum

Here's my happy little Sara

Here's my sad little tummy

Weight has finally dropped. I feel like I had no reason to post because there was zero change this last month. But now my weight is at 134, still not happy about it compared to my other pregnancies, but oh well.

I get pretty frustrated at the gym when I can't do the ab exercises that they have us do in the classes. I'm just so weak there still.
My goal? Just to get back to where I was before and be FIT!
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Marcela Irvin said...

Have you heard of MuTu system? I just started it 3 days ago. My belly looks exactly like yours. I am 7 months post baby number 3/ c section #3 and umbilical hernia repair surgery. Everything you say about trying to work out and it hurts and getting zero results is actually how I felt, but the reason is you need to realign your body and core with the correct and gentle exercises. Anyway I am no expert just a desperate momma who is determined to go back to living an active lifestyle. Anyway, I hope you check this out and let me know what you think!