Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 months postpartum (-8 weeks)

I've been putting off posting because I've seemed to go backwards in my progress.
I think my waist is getting bigger! How is this happening, I don't know. If you look at my last side shot you can see that I pooch out more this time.

Waist is 31"
Hips are 38"
Weight is 138

I'm so annoyed. Especially because I'm working out again, but also because I know I'm not eating well. I like treats, but they've never been a problem before.
And I want to get my stomach back in 'decent' shape before I try that Venus Freeze thing.
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Anonymous said...

First of all you have huge cojones for being so open and honest and sharing pictures of your tummy especially during your journey so that in itself is an accomplishment secondly give yourself a break it's been a mere 2 months. My babies are 16 months old and I just started to get we're I want to be. Stay focuses make smarter snacking choices and you will be fine. You look great and I admire your courage!

Anonymous said...

can you please do a update (: