Friday, April 12, 2013

Tried another product, and the results are...

Have you heard of ItWorks?
Well they have these wraps that are supposed to slim you down and tighten skin.

I tried 2 of them (not at the same time) and once again had no change in the appearance of my stomach.

Now you may think I changed the color of my skin, but it's funny what different lighting can do. I wasn't any tanner in the first picture.

So, what to do? I honestly think surgery is my only other option.

Any recommendations in that area?
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Amie said...

I recommend you forget about it and be proud of your belly. :) Give it a few years and things'll likely tighten up a bit. If you still hate it then, sure, go get a tuck. But wait till you're all done havin' the kiddos! :)

tiff snedaker said...

Is your diastis recti still bad? That's the first route that I would go. I totally have the problem of having a little belly because mine never closes. I bet if yours closed it would bring everything in and you'd be happy. I wouldn't go the route of a tummy tuck though, I've heard those can be one of the most invasive plastic surgery procedures.

Anonymous said...

So you are coming up to a year postpartum from your last child? I have to agree with a few other posts that you should try and be patient and give your body more time to heal - you have had four kids and each time it takes that much longer for things to recover. So saying that I REALLY hope you put off any surgery for a few years.
What about pilates and other gentle exercise techniques? If you have a rectus diastasis your whole ab complex is going to struggle to function properly and therefore tighten up. I'd consider seeing a really good clinical pilates instructor who can give you one on one time or a women's health physio. I know they REALLY helped me. I ended up with a lot of back pain and a persistently saggy belly post baby 3 - they are now both much better.
Anyways I think you are very brave for sharing your journey and I really hope you can find the right supports to reach your goal of getting your fitness back.
Look forward to more updates!

Manda said...

I'm looking forward to updates, and reading older stuff on your blog, too! It's frustrating for me too that I kinda look pregnant. I think my belly sticks out more than yours, but I do have a short torso, and an umbilical hernia. My baby's 18 months old, so not super young. She was my third c-section. I exercise almost daily, doing some diastasis recti exercises on youtube, plus other strength training and walking/running. I found you because I was searching for which Lindsay Brin DVD(s) have the diastasis stuff on them. If you can let me know, that'd be great. :)

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