Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shed 5 fast!

Ok here's my goal.

I've got a little over 10 pounds to lose.

There is a contest to share your success story of losing weight or fitting into an old pair of jeans (etc.) that I want to enter just to give me some motivation.

If you win you get $250 and a chance to be in Lindsay Brin's next video.

Go here to check out the contest.

I just ordered the DVD for my birthday.


I have another goal I need to get done first.
In 2 weeks we are getting our family pictures taken. I am going on a 2 week diet (I've NEVER done a diet before.) Want to know what my diet consists of?

1. Don't eat after 9:00pm
2. Drink only water, milk, or my sugar free stuff. No juice or pop.

That's it. I really can't limit what I eat. I'm still nursing and everything so that's not going to change, but I know if I don't buy pop I won't drink it. The eating after 9 is going to be the big thing. I am always munchy then and eat junk.

Last night I ate chips, pudding, and cheese around 10:00. (Biggest Loser had me craving a block of cheese).

On top of my regular workouts at the church I am also going to make sure I do some push ups and squats every night. I want to re-tone my arms.

Weight today is at 130. I did see it below that for 1 day before Christmas.
My goal weight is 119.

Who wants to join me in the Shed 5 fast contest?


Anonymous said...

I know I'm not a role model for weight loss, but the times I have lost significant weight, I drink a lot of water. I have a 16 oz glass by the sink and every two hours I would drink a glass, you will go to the bathroom a lot but it will help curb your appitite too. Plus it's good for milk production.

Shannon said...

I'm on a 5 wk plan started this week...I'm about to post details soon on my blog, I'll join you on the contest so fun!!

Shannon said...

Oh and I'm the SAME, at night I snack... but this week I've replaced that with water and a fruit if I am starving....Jenna said nuts are good and filling to! Send or post tips!! I'm all for this!!

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

I want to say I am in becasue I really need to loose 5 (ok, 10, wait I take that back, 15)pounds. So wait I guess I am in. I need a little motivation and this will be it.

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

wow it is late and I didn't spell check...opps

Rachael said...

yeah, can't do that right now or I won't be able to nurse....btw you don't need to lose 10 pounds missy. What size are you when you weigh 119? I can fit into my jeans that I wore when I met Daniel weighing 128! Good luck!

Darren and Traci said...

I have the pop and late night eating problem too. I don't watch what I eat at all. I normally eat pretty well since I just like healthy food for the most part but I can't say no to a big fatty cheeseburger, juicy steak, fries, any type of dessert and especially coke mmmm coke. Weight wise I feel comfortable but I really want to tone things up some more, maybe if I tried harder to get rid of the pop and late night eating my workouts would pay off more, you think? What's the shed 5 fast dvd like compared to her boot camp 2?

Melissa said...

You look great, my tummy's almost the same 5 months postpartum AND I'm doing all of Lindsay's video's (Shed 5 Fast, CMJ, BC 1&2) and feel more toned but the scale is the same. Should've done a before measurement. Anyway, just to comment on the above question about boot camp 2 versus shed 5 fast: I find the first shed 5 fast workout too easy after the boot camps but the 2nd workout is comparable. That's just my opinion though. Same with Dance Jam - a little easy after doing the boot camps.